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Sensifai Vision

Artificial intelligence for video understanding

The volume of videos is skyrocketing due to recent technological advances in recording. To use videos effectively and make them searchable, there is a growing demand for intelligent softwares to automatically understand the video contents. Although it is trivial for human, empowering computers to recognize video semantic concepts is very challenging. Sensifai developed a cutting-edge audio-visual deep-learning technology trained on millions of videos to recognize audio and video content and tag them accurately


Solution 1
Automatically tag
videos, images and audios
Solution 2
Make your videos, images and audios
Solution 3
modelsfor your own use case


Deep Learning
Audiovisual deep learning
Our deep-learning framework processes audio data and visual data interactively and simultaneously
Automatic Video Tagging and Indexing
Visual understanding
More than 10000 concepts, e.g. celebrities, logos, actions, objects, NSFW content, sports, and scenes
 Audio Understanding
Audio Undrestanding
Speech recognition Music mood and type recognition Ambient sounds recognition
High Performance Computing
Fast processing
Our deep-learning framework processes videos 10X times faster than real-time
Automatic Monitoring
Our deep-learning models can be customized to your use case and tags easily
Gesture recognition
Benchmarking our results against other existing services proves the superiority of our system

Partners and Clients

About us

Sensifai includes capable scientists and engineers to build most capable AI machines.

Mohammad hasan bahari
Mohammad Hasan Bahari
Co-founder & CEO
ali diba
Ali Diba
Co-founder & CTO
luck van gool
Prof. Luc Van Gool
Co-founder & Board member
 Hugo Van Hamme
Prof. Hugo Van Hamme
Herwig Springer
Herwig Springer
Advisory Board
Mohammad Mahdi Arzani
Mohammad Mahdi Arzani
Chief Operating Officer
Rahman Yousefzadeh
Rahman Yousefzadeh
VP of engineering
Mohsen fayyaz
Mohsen Fayyaz
Deep Learning Researcher
Rahim entezari
Rahim Entezari
Deep Learning Researcher
Misagh bahramipour
Misagh Bahramipour
AI Engineer
AmirHossein Karami
AmirHossein Karami
Deep Learning Researcher
ali matinnejad
Ali Matinnejad
AI Engineer
Pouria Khani
Pouria Khani
AI Engineer
Mahreza Mesbahi
Mohammad Reza Mesbahi
Front-End Developer
Vahid Abdi
Vahid Abdi
Back-End Developer
AmirHossein Karami
Mohammad Hossein Danesh
AI Engineer
Amir ehsan khorasahdi
Amir Ehsan Khorashadi
Deep learning Intern
AmirHossein Karami
Sepehr Eskandari
Deep learning Intern
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